2004 U.S. Presidential Election

Election results:

George W. Bush
286 / 538
John Kerry
251 / 538
John Edwards
1 / 538
Note: Minnesota voted for Kerry, but one faithless elector casted a vote for running-mate John Edwards.
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The man who should have won

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The 2004 election decided if George W. Bush would serve a second term. In one of the most humiliating moments in United States history, Bush was elected over his much more sane opponent, John Kerry. The American people made up for this in 2008 Presidential Election. Unlike the 2000 Presidental Election, Bush actually won this one.

Bush used 9/11 images in his campain Ads which was not good common sense.[1]

Until 2008 America had to deal with Dubya for another four years. Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005. Later in 2006 The housing bubble went to sherds starting a economic recession in 2007/2008 that made people homeless & Conservatives blame it on Liberals.[2]


Republicans spent millions of dollars trying to falsely paint Kerry as an elite, out of touch, flip-flopper who acted dishonorably during the Vietnam War. Eight years later, the Republicans spent millions of dollars to make an actual elite, out of touch, flip-flopper who acted dishonorably during the Vietnam War the next President, [3] and failed.


  • This marks the final election, as of 2018, where Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Virginia voted Republican.
  • Geographically (ignoring Alaska and Hawaii), you could combine Canada and the Kerry states to make a new country without isolated regions. On November 3, 2004, one day after the election, a user on the forum discovered this geographical meme (Link). This user dubbed the red section, in which all of the states are connected without any isolation, "Jesusland".

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