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Designed as: International Heliophysical Year.

International Polar Year. European Year of Equal Opportunities for All. Year of Rumi. Year of the Dolphin. Scotland's Year of Highland Culture. Scouting Centenary, celebrating 100 years of the Scout Movement. Leicester's year of construction

Preceded by: 2006
Succeeded by 2008

2007 was the year the great liberal activist Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Other significant events

  • The Recession started in late 2007, when Bush was President.
  • Osama bin Laden relased a video on the sixth annverisary of 9/11 adressing the American people[1]
  • Virginia Tech shooting
  • One-Two-GO Airlines Flight 269 plane crash
  • Eilat bakery bombing
  • 2007 Yazidi communities bombings


Seventeen Iraqi civilians [were] killed when employees of private security company Blackwater USA reportedly [fired] on a car that failed to stop at the request of a police officer (Sep. 16). The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform [found] that employees of Blackwater USA have been involved in some 200 shootings in Iraq. The report says the company paid some families of victims and tried to cover up other incidents. [2]

The following is a list of notable good achievements conservatives accomplished in 2007: