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Significant events: 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

Benghazi Attack Hurricane Sandy 2012 Makhachkala attack Toulouse and Montauban shootings 2012 Burgas bus bombing Typhoon Bopha

Designed as: International Year of Cooperatives

International Year of Sustainable Energy for All

Preceded by 2011
Succeeded by 2013

2012 is a year that occurred after 2011. It was a presidential election year, and Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney.

On September 11 2012 (The Eleventh Annverisy of 9/11) Benghazi was attacked

Doom sayers

Many religions and doom sayers have labeled that year as the end of the world because of the supposed end of the Mayan calendar on December 21st. The Mayan calendar's thirteenth cycle, which started in 1618, ended in on that date. Still the actual Mayan calendar won't end until October 13, 4772. Besides, the Mayan rule ended in 1697 and modern Mayans don't expect the world to end now so we really had nothing to worry about. Some crazies also believed the Bible said the world would end in 2012, well it also says the world was created in a week so we really had nothing to worry about.

Some characters imagined Nostradamus also believed the world would end in 2012. Don't forget just a few years ago people insisted Nostradamus expected the world to end in 1999. Pretty much everything he says is insanely vague and very difficult to understand and can be interpreted in different ways.

Unsurprisingly, the world did not end. As Kyle Kulinski said in one video, most people were just watching SpongeBob and forgot about the whole thing.

Predicting the end of the world

Predicting the end of the world is a great way to get silly folk to join crazy Religious cults and or pay out good money for worthless scary books.

As early as 2009 Liberapedia predicted this latest "End of the World" scare would get yet more money for people taking advantage of more credulous victims. [1] Sadly this was the only 2012 prediction that came true. Irresponsible people, many of them already rich made money frightening other people.

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