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Designed as: International Year of Crystallography

International Year of Family Farming International Year of Smaland Developing States

Preceded by: 2013
Succeeded by 2015

In 2014 there were Congressional Elections in the United States of America.

The United Nations issued a report comparing Crimes against humanity and other bad issues with the regime in North Korea with those in Nazi Germany. [1]

Ebola killed a great many people in Africa. ISIS came to public notice a great deal, ISIS made territorial gains, started issuing videos of beheadings and the United States started airstrikes against them.

4 Blackwater security guards were convicted in a United States court of Murder, manslaughter, and weapons offenses over their part when 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians were shot dead in September 2007.

The Rosetta spacecraft got close up pictures of a comet while on Earth a very large Dinosaur was discovered. [2]

The day before the thirteenth Anniversary of 9/11 President Obama gave a speech about ISIS.[3]

Significant events

  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappearance[4]
  • Borno massacre[5]
  • Jos bombings[6]
  • Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting[7]
  • Kano bombing[8]


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