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2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Election results:

Donald Trump
304 / 538
Hillary Clinton
227 / 538
Colin Powell
3 / 538
Faith Spotted Eagle
1 / 538
Ron Paul
1 / 538
John Kasich
1 / 538
Bernie Sanders
1 / 538
Gary Johnson
0 / 538
Jill Stein
0 / 538
- Washington voted for Clinton, but three faithless electors voted for Colin Powell and another for Faith Spotted Eagle.
- Texas voted for Trump, but one faithless elector voted for Ron Paul and another for John Kasich.
- Hawaii voted for Clinton, but one faithless elector voted for Bernie Sanders.
- Maine's 1st Congressional District voted for Clinton, but their 2nd Congressional District voted for Trump. Clinton won the remaining 2 Electoral Votes due to her winning Maine statewide. Maine (and Nebraska) do not use the winner-take-all method.
- Gary Johnson received nearly 4.5 million votes, the most for a third-party candidate since Ross Perot in 1996.
- Jill Stein received nearly 1.5 million votes.

The 2016 election but if only Rednecks voted

2016 U.S. Presidential Election was the 58th Presidential Election in the United States. It was a complete disaster for both sides (if you think logically). The Primary and Caucus stage took place from the 1st of February 2016 to the 15th of June 2016 (for Democrats and Republicans), and the General Election took place on the 8th of November 2016, with Donald Dump somehow defeating Madam President despite losing the popular vote. This is like 2000, but replace George W. Bush with a reality TV star, which believes all Mexicans are Rapists, Pedophiles and Murderers and God only put Women on earth for sex.

The 2016 election, but if only celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West voted.

General Election

The Trump-Pence ticket won with 306 electoral votes, which is sad because Trump is a Nazi. Some People wanted to change the results like Green Party Nominee Jill Stein also known as "Progressive Madam President" wanted recounts in 3 states that Madam President should have won.

  1. Pennsylvania (The one that was the biggest margin of win for Dump.)
  2. Wisconsin (The one that was trending republican sadly because of the increase of Rednecks in the state.)
  3. Michigan (This is probably Detroit's fault! WHY! MICHIGAN! WHY!)

But sadly at the end, Trump still won the recounted states. I guess the rust belt is *cough**cough**cough* trending far-right.

Evil Putin Hacking Plan

Some sources say that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and his best friend Sarah Palin hacked the election.

October Surprise

In late October of 2016, Republican FBI Director, James Comey informed Congress that more of her e-mails had been found. Republican Congressmen immediately leaked the news to corporate media, and the story led in the days preceding the election.







Candidate Party National Vote 'Top 3 States'(Total Votes)
Hillary Clinton Democratic Party 65,853,516  California: 8,753,788

New York: 4,556,124

Florida: 4,504,975

Donald Trump (Winner) Republican Party 62,984,825  Texas: 4,685,047

Florida: 4,617,886

California: 4,483,810

Gary Johnson Libertarian Party 4,489,221  California: 478,500

Texas: 283,492

Illinois: 209,596

Jill Stein Green Party 1,457,216  California: 278,657

New York: 107,934

Illinois: 76,802

Evan McMullin Independent 731,788  Utah: 243,690

Virginia: 54,054

Minnesota: 53,076

Write-In Candidates Write-In 699,366  Washington: 107,805

California: 79,341

Oregon: 72,594

Darrell Castle Christian Totalitarian
Constitution Party
203,010  Pennsylvania: 21,572

Washington: 17,623

Florida: 16,475

Total 136,669,237 

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