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Year of Year of the Earth Pig [1]

2019 is the current year on the Gregorian calendar, and the final year of the 2010s decade. This marks the third year of America under President Donald Trump, and many political candidates from both sides will likely announce their run for presidency.

This is also the year where 23 Democratic candidates are running for President and is perhaps the largest number of Democrats running than in any other upcoming elections. All the Democratic candidates have one goal, and that is to defeat Donald Trump, a controversial president (Many argued as the worst American president....EVER).

Significant Events

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Solar Eclipse Days

  • January 5/6, 2019 (partial)
  • July 2, 2019 (total)
  • December 26, 2019 (annular)

A "rare" planet transit eclipse (Mercury) will occur on November 11 [6]