AIDS is a serious infectious disease caused by the HIV virus. AIDS slowly destroys the immune system of the infected person and untreated AIDS victims invariably die after suffering and declining slowly over many years. In Developed countries AIDS can be controlled with expensive drugs [1] but in the Third World the disease takes its course leading to a tragic wasting death.


AIDS is a Sexually Transmitted Disease; many victims get AIDS through unprotected sex. In developed countries men tend to get AIDS through Gay sex rather than straight sex, though Lesbians are safer than Heterosexuals. Using condoms greatly reduces the risk of infection. Drug addicts who share needles are also at risk of infection. Fundamentalist Christians are sometimes unsympathetic to AIDS victims of the type above, they too often see AIDS as a punishment from God and are more interested in discouraging condom use than in preventing AIDS infection. These Christians hope that fear of AIDS will stop people having the type of sex they think God doesn’t like, for example it looks very much as if the former pope Benedict XVI would have preferred people to die of AIDS and didn’t want them to use condoms. Benedict later modified his position and said condoms could be used to prevent infection. [2] [3] [4]

More reasonable people like Liberals don’t think people deserve the death penalty just for sleeping around.

AIDS does not only pose a threat to homosexuals and drug users. Victims are also infected through blood transfusions, babies born to HIV positive mothers are at risk of infection. People can become infected through contact with equipment an infected drug addict had used. Rape victims can be infected as can the faithful husband or wife of someone who sleeps around, or had more than one partner in the past. Condom use can protect people from HIV infection.  Naturally the more AIDS there is in a population the greater the risk is that heterosexual people will be exposed to infection as well. Naturally bigoted religious people aren’t swayed by that.

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