This is one-sided, we recognise that there are tolerant denominations in all the major Abrahamic religions.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism, are generally regarded as the only major monotheistic religions in the world today, though each of the three has multiple sub-religions, some that differ from each other widely enough that they could rightly be called religions unto themselves. Incidentally there are small monotheistic religions outside the Abrahamic religions.

Traditionally, less tolerant members of these groups believed that the members of one or more of the other groups are evil and need to die.

This often results in killing and war. This abuse of religion has led to the murder of very many human beings.

All three of these groups include sects that are hate groups because they hate each other. The one thing they can agree upon, however, is that they hate atheists more, presumably because atheists are smarter than them, and demonstrate that fact by not trying to kill each other.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be dying in some dirty place with cockroaches biting you while you are still alive? I can’t -- though Scientologists let Lisa McPherson die that way. If you’ve the stomach for them here’s the Autopsy photos.

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