Affordable Care Act
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Obamacare Poster
Long title: An act entitled The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Nicknames: Affordable Care Act, Health Insurance Reform, Healthcare Reform, ObamaCare
Enacted by the 111th United States Congress
Effective March 23, 2010; 6 years ago

Most major provisions phased in by January 2014; remaining provisions phased in by 2020

The Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare or is a system of Affordable health care that Barack Obama introduced for the United States of America.

After decades of struggle and a year of debate, health reform is now law in America. The legislation that President signed into law will end the worst insurance company abuses, establish new rules that treat everyone fairly, and provide more choices and affordable health insurance for millions of Americans. [1]

Obama supports Affordable Health Care insurance, as opposed to the preferred Universal Health Care. However, it is a step in the right direction toward allowing health care for all, no matter how little money one's grandparents earned. Changing things is often a slow and frustrating process and Obama has helped. [2] of health solutions company HEXL points out that whether one supports the Affordable Care Act or not, health costs in the United States just keep on rising. Health costs keep rising in the rest of the World as well because new ways of treating diseases are being researched and developed. Most are expensive.

The bill is actually conservative compared to Universal Health Care found in most/all other Developed countries. It's similar to the plans of conservatives like Nixon, Reagan, Andrew Sullivan, The Heritage Foundation, Gingrinch, Romney, George H.W. Bush, and Rick Santorum. Why do Conservatives oppose this bill?

  1. Partly they oppose it because many of them are selfish rich people and they don't like paying Taxes to support Poor people, they'd rather pretend anyone who can't afford medical care is at fault, we don't understand how.
  2. Partly they oppose it because it was made by a black man the Democrats.

In 2014 Dr. Ben Carson even went far to say that Obamacare was much worse than 9/11.[3] Outrageous! Dr. Carson should shut up because Obamacare does NOT Cause Two buildings to collapse killing 3000 people in one day. Obamacare helps people and saves lives. How on Earth did the great Doctor Carson get to be soo ignorant about medicine???


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