Flag of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan (pronounced "Aff'ganistan," or "Affghani'stahn" in Europe) is a nation slightly northwest of Pakistan in central Asia. It is among the worst places in the world.  Continual warfare has seriously damaged the Afghan economy and the ordinary people suffer extreme Third World Poverty.

Afghanistan is the location of the longest war in American history, a conflict that pleases Republicans so much that they just don't want it to ever end.


Illiteracy is widespread especially among Women and Girls which hampers Economic development. Educated and literate mothers more frequently have a skilled person present when they give birth so mother and Baby are more likely to survive childbirth. The Children of literate mothers are more likely to have clean Water and good sanitation, they are more likely to go to School, to get vaccinated, to get proper food and to have Books at home. The children of literate mothers are less likely to be forced into Child labor and to suffer other Child Abuse. Literate mothers also live in better off households. [1] How far Poverty causes female illiteracy and the other problems we wrote about above, is unclear but educated mothers clearly can do more for their children.

Terrorist Associations

Afghan Taliban fighters

It is a well known fact that the Taliban is established in this country and enforces a Theocracy where it can. Theocracy is nothing to do with freedom. When the Taliban controlled most of Afghanistan before the US invasion they imposed a harsh form of Sharia and were responsible for many Human rights abuses. [2] Al-Qaeda is closely connected with the Taliban. Afghanistan is a major World supplier of opium used to make heroin and the Money from opium production helps supply the Taliban. [3]

The United States is responsible for Drone strikes in Afghanistan which kill terrorist leaders but also kill many innocent non-combatants. The US Military is not giving proper training to the pilots of drones so those pilots don't know how to prevent or reduce civilian casualties. [4]

Project waste

In 2016 It was revealed that The US wasted Millions of Dollars on badly thought projects in Afghanistan.

Of the projects totalling $1.1 billion in Defense Department spending examined by the office of the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction, or SIGAR, two-thirds did not meet the requirements of the contract or technical specifications, one-third were structurally unsound or hazardous to the occupants, and a quarter were delayed for months, including one more than two and half years over schedule. (...) Seven of the completed projects had never been used by their intended Afghan occupants. [5]