An agenda is truly an interesting thing; it is a plan for any amount of time in the future. It can be your grocery shopping list, notes on how to do an essay, or a general ideology of how to win public opinion. But first things first!!

An agenda, in political terms, is the set of goals which an ideological group, or indeed any individual, has set themself to achieve.

The term "agenda" can also be used in a somewhat cynical manner by competing ideological groups, in which one group accuses another of pushing a certain ideology, or agenda[1]. While technically this is true, as any set of goals can be referred to as having an agenda to achieve, the term is often repeatedly used by opposing ideology groups to emphasise how wrong the other group obviously is while their own group is obviously right.

Examples of agendas

Technically, any political ideology could have an agenda they wish to achieve. Some of the most common best typically known agendas:


  1. "You've got a liberal agenda!" "No, you've got a conservative agenda!
  2. Based on what Hitler did/tried to do.