Hello, I want to take your Internet away!

Ajit Varadaraj Pai is an evil American attorney who serves as the Chairman of the United States FCC, which has the power to completely destroy the Internet, which he did with repealing Obama-era Net Neutrality that made the Internet have equal speeds.

Destroying the Internet!

Net Neutrality was a big hot topic issue in 2017, due to the government threatening us that they were going to repeal it. Net Neutrality is what keeps the Internet equal. For example, a small website like Liberapedia would have the same speed as a big website such as Wikipedia. (that is assuming Wikipedia sends data as quickly as Liberapedia and other factors.) But when the Net Neutrality laws are repealed, Wikipedia could be very fast, while Liberapedia could be slow-as-hell. Many people didn't want Net Neutrality to be repealed. Polls showed 80% of Americans didn't want Net Neutrality to be repealed, including 70% of Conservatives. But on December 14, 2017, Net Neutrality was sadly repealed by, you guessed it, a Conservative!

Anti First Amendment

Ajit Pai's net neutrality is against the First Amendment, and will allow ISPs to legally DDoS (an attack where a Web site's access is blocked) by uniting blocking the website instead of sending thousands or millions of fake requests. Ben Shapiro always talks about "Free Speech!" and he believes that net neutrality is bad because like most conservatives, he does not understand computers as well as the average millennial liberal. (I chose the word millennial because they are the first generation to grow up with computers.) He believes that net neutrality is bad. This is putting corporations above the people. (Republicans like Kavanaugh don't mind because to them, corporations are people.)

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