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Official Logo for Al-Qaeda
Active: 1988-Present
Ideology: Salafism

Salafist jihadism Qutbism Sunni supremacy Pan-Islamism

Leaders Osama bin Laden (1989–2011)

Ayman al-Zawahiri (2011–present)

Responsible for 9/11 & Other terrorist attacks.

Al-Qaeda is a Terrorist organization that some people think fights for freedom in the Middle East. In reality they are fighting for a Theocracy with their Muslim God, Allah leading them, so they are obviously mistaken about Gods. The Taliban supported Al-Qaeda and gave them a base. [1] Al-Qaeda was responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Conservatives would like us to believe that all Muslims yell and run an jump out and explode and kill people for fun. This is not true. Only the worst Muslims are like Al-Qaeda, and many Muslims don't even like other Muslims who are like this. Regardless, many ignorant people still equate Islam with Terrorism.

Al-Qaeda started when Reagan supported the Islamic Mujaheddin against the USSR. Later when the Cold War had ended the Mujaheddin became the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

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