Albert Arnold Gore
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Mr. Gore
Political Party: Democratic Party
Education: Harvard University (A.B.)
Religion Baptist (Formerly Southern Baptist)
Born March 31, 1948

Albert Arnold "Al" Gore was the 45th Vice President of the United States, as well as the Democratic presidential candidate for the 2000 US presidential election, and an early proponent of legislation that would aid the development of the Internet. He was cheated out of winning the election by the Supreme Court [1] which ruled against a recount of votes in Florida in spite of the fact that a recount was required by Florida Law and upheld by the Florida State Supreme Court. This is both an example of conservative deceit and of rampant conservative judicial activism. Democracy failed [5].

Global warming

After the election Gore developed a slide show to increase awareness about global warming[2], an issue he had long tried to persuade the government to act on. He traveled around the United States educating audiences about global warming. His slide show was later made into a movie, An Inconvenient Truth, which won an Oscar [3]. David Mayer De Rothschild (of the Rothschild Banking Family of England and founder of Adventure Ecology) aided Al Gore in his fight against global warming by writing the official companion, the GLOBAL WARMING SURVIVAL HANDBOOK. Conservative politicians, in the pockets of the energy and automobile companies that faced lower profits if the United States acted to reduce the threat of global warming, blocked all efforts to deal with the issue under George W. Bush, another example of conservative selfishness.

In 2007 Gore won the Nobel Peace prize for his work on raising public awareness of the threat of global warming. [4]

Reasons Al Gore Drives Conservatives Crazy

  1. He was right about global warming.
  2. He actually knows what he's talking about.
  3. He's a liberal even though he's wealthy.
  4. He's a liberal.
  5. He got a Nobel Prize, an Emmy, a Webby, and an Academy Award. Bush only got a failed presidency and the Razzie award for the worst actor in 2005. In that same year, Al Gore founded and officially launched the liberal Current TV channel on August 1, 2005 along with businessman Joel Hyatt.
  6. He realized American cars are crap.
  7. He won the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election , but they still won't admit it.
  8. He served in Vietnam as a private (as in he wasn't a snotty officer)