A physical map of Alabama

Alabama is a largely ultra-Conservative Southern state, which like many other Conservative southern states was a Confederate State in the American Civil War. The capital of Alabama is Montgomery.

African Americans

Alabama has the 7th largest African-American population in the United States, with 26.77% of Alabama citizens African-American. Sadly, the 68.7% of the Caucasian population decides the state vote Republican almost every time. In 2017, A democratic senator named Doug Jones was elected to the United States Senate to represent Alabama, due to the Republican Roy Moore being a pedo.


Some Australians tend to be confused over whether to pronounce the name "Ala-barma" or how it looks. It is pronounced how it looks.

Conservatism and Racism

In the past racist Alabama was controlled by the Ku Klux Klan, which was a racist group started by Democrats. Although, it must be remembered that the Democratic Party was the conservative party back then. Prominent former racists include Bull Connor (the worst), George Andrews, and George Wallace. Trump's First Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is also from Alabama.

Teen pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is a problem throughout the USA with Alabama among the worst affected states. This is a huge problem due to abstinence, the Conservative Christian way to keep teenager "pure" until marriage. The situation is improving largely because teens are more willing to use Contraception [1]


Alabama legislators passed a law in 2019 trying to make Abortion illegal even in cases of incest and rape, a law so severe even Pat Robertson opposes it to a degree (only because it will hurt the anti-abortion cause) [2]. This law will be challenged in court. [3]

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