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Alaska as seen from space.

Alaska is beautiful state noted for sheer awesomeness. It was originally part of Russia until the US bought it on March 30, 1867. Alaska is now being destroyed for its natural resources because Conservative business owners love the profit they can make raping the environment and don't care too much about the damage they do. The capital of Alaska is Juneau.

Alaska is an enclave inside Canada and is the northern most state in the United States of America. While technically a part of the USA, it is basically Canada's ear, Nova Scotia is the other ear. Alaska is within the Arctic circle and is very cold for most of the year but can be warm for a few weeks in summer when the sun never sets.

Fanatical Joe the teabag Miller was defeated by moderate Republican, Senator Lisa Murkowski. [1] Their former governor Sarah Palin was nominated for GOP vice president. Alaska provided us with some hope in 2008 when they finally voted Ted Stevens out as Senator, replacing him with a Democrat.

During the September 11, 2001 attacks An air flight called Korean Air Flight 85 was thought to have been hijacked to hit a target in Alaska but that was a false alarm. We are glad that 9/11 did not spread to this state.

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