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"Allah" written in Arabic.

Allah is a character created to be buddies with the other fictional character "God", when he got lonely, later creating the love-child Jesus, the son of the god in the Christian religion.

Serious part of the article

The position of Allah in Islam is, essentially, the supreme God. One way in which he apparently differs is being neither spiritual nor physical; rather, a driving force, or a living idea that inspires people around the world. Allah has a hand, he has a face but his body parts are completely different from any comparable body parts on any created entity. Muslims think it's sinful even to try and imagine what the hand and face of Allah are like, so there.

Some people have been inspired by belief in Allah to do good things. Others were inspired to do things like driving aeroplanes into buildings, destroying transportation and lives everywhere, from the United Kingdom to Pakistan, and displaying beheadings of infidels to the world via the internet.

If you're thinking of converting to Islam this is what you would put your allegiance to.

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