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Him walking and making a video.

Amazing Atheist (also known as TJ Kirk and formerly TheAmazingAtheist), is a well known YouTuber. When he started making videos on YouTube, he was a libertarian, but shifted to liberalism after his father's death. His political beliefs are generally liberal, and he accepts limited gun control. [1] In many of his videos TAA attempts to disprove teachings of Christianity and other religions through a blend of education and entertainment. He makes fun of Republicans quite a lot, as well as most religions and people who try to ban Internet porn. Of course, TheAmazingAtheist gets hate from Conservapedia and others as well.


TheAmazingAthiest once said some nasty things on Reddit, leading to some labeling him as a misogynist and a victim blamer. He threatened to rape a user on Reddit. He told a rape victim very many nasty things including, “I hope you drown in rape semen.” [2] [3] [4]However angry he may have been there’s no excuse for that as most people would have enough self-control and compassion not to write stuff like that. [5]

TheAmazingAtheist has very good intentions sometimes, such as when he stood up for Trayvon Martin and when he makes fun of douchebags like Mitt Romney. TAA tends to go too far sometimes and Liberapedia wishes he'd be a little nicer.


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