Lest you be fooled, they sign their missives with “88”. “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet. 88=HH, which is code for Heil Hitler. Hitler has been dead since 1945. These people worship a man who killed himself. He was too scared stupid to escape and too terrified to face capture. It appears the American Nazi Party worships stupid cowardly courage or stupid courageous cowardice. [1]

American Nazi Party is a Neo-Nazi group in the United States. Founded in 1959 by George Lincoln Rockwell, its goal is to establish Nazism in the United States. Rockwell was assassinated in 1967. After the assassination of Rockwell, the organization was renamed the National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP). Matt Koehl became successor of Rockwell.

And we can guarantee many American Neo-Nazis have just that bit of Non-white Admixture they don't know about.


  • The American Nazi Party has registered a lobbyist in Congress
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