American Patriotism can be good or bad. The same goes for Patriotism in other countries.

Good patriotism

Liberals are very patriotic and voice their opinion often in protest. Most conservatives advocate that protesting is UnAmerican but historically, protesting is what made us great, such as the Boston Tea Party, the American Civil War, the Civil Rights Act, etc. They were helpful against the vast right wing conspiracy that plagued us under George W. Bush.

Bad patriotism

The last refuge of a scoundrel. When under attack for financial malfeasance, lying or whatever, start waving an American flag and spout freely about your love of freedom, your support of our men and women in uniform and the general superiority of anything American to anything un-American. Paste a lot of little American flags all over your SUV. Wear a flag pin on your lapel. Talk a lot about our God-given democracy. And remind everyone that God loves America more than any other country because, uh, because...just because.

But whatever you do, don't enlist. Don't let your children enlist. That's for people who have less important stuff to do. Dulce et decorum pro patria mori only applies to losers.

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