Before and after, this is what coke does to you folks!

Amy Winehouse (14 September 1983 - 23rd July 2011) was a singer from the UK however, she is dead. [1] Her family misses Amy and there have been many tributes to her musical talent. [2]


Not that sort of Coke

Her Career had started off well, However she then started cocaine so they tried to put her into rehab, and she said "no no no", but they put her in there anyway [3]. Her drug habit meant she lost a lot of weight, and also lost her good looks.

AMY Winehouse said she became addicted to crack because she had a Hallucination of the devil after taking LSD. Amy imagined that Beelzebub chanted curses speaking a frightening type of English, then sold her, ”a small bag of sensimilia, three rocks of crack, a Kit-Kat, and a small plastic pipe, all for £25.” [4] Perhaps under LSD she imagined some drug dealer was Satan. LSD isn’t safe either. Her husband says he first got her to take crack and heroin [5] He's been in jail for GBH so he may look like a devil when someone's taken LDS as well. Her husband said he had to divorce her to save her life but it didn’t work.


Intrusive Paparazzi like those who played such a big part in the death of Princess Diana followed Amy Winehouse about. When she did anything she shouldn't they were there, and later there were photos in newspapers. There were photos when she went into hospital or when she came out of hospital. None of this stress helped Amy to recover from her addiction. Fans of hers didn't help by buying newspapers and magazines with bad photos of her. Ordinary folk struggle with crack cocaine as well as celebrities. Some win, some lose. Without the Paparazzi stalking you it's easier to win, best of all is if you never ever start with anything like crack.


Amy has made two albums, both of them are reasonable, but the second one has poor sound quality.


  • 2003: Frank
  • 2006: Back to Black

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