Anal retentive personalities are obsessive compulsive controlling sometimes sadistic personality types, (anal sadism). They become a pain in the ass because they are over concerned with unimportant detail.

According to the theory of Siegmund Freud anal retention develops when parents put too much pressure onto toddler to control their bowels and/or bladders too early. Personalities of that type can develop physical problems notably diarrhoea or constipation. Modern psychologists think a strict upbringing throughout Childhood is more significant in causing the obsessive compulsive personality type.

Anal retentives can develop interest in Sex. Fundy Christians may become obsessed with the horror of sex. They become obsessed with the need to control temptation to sex in themselves and/or other people. They punish those who do sex if they can and preach about divine punishment they believe will happen for that Sin. Even though God wants a race to reproduce, they think you will go to Hell for this. Constipedia Conservapedia is loaded with anal retentives.

Example of a Conservapedia Anal Retentive

I am happy to finally see coherent logic on a wiki encyclopedia! I believe this 'google search' logic should be applied to other articles as well! For example, a quick google search of "porn" revealed about 220,000,000 webpages, which indicates that "porn" accounts for about 256,709% more worldly accomplishements than "minister's son"s do (which only returns a paltry 85,700 websites). This should be stated explicitly in both articles. I also firmly believe that we need an article for "gay anal porn", because it returns 229,000 responses, indicating 262% more worldly influence than "minister's son"s(Castoridae) 15:32, 9 March 2008 (EDT) “[1]