This article attacks Conservative Christians though we recognise that Liberal Christians can be better.

Answers in Genesis is a Young earth creationist oranisation that supposedly spread a well established scientific theory that earth popped up in 4004 BCE. It is often taught by an idiot named Ken Ham. They always speak of evolutionist fallacy of Millions of year old earth but never a 4.5 Billion year old earth.


The content of the website is virtually the same (how evolution leads to atheism, abortion , racism, how Hitler was a devout atheists when he wasn't actually an atheist etc). (Hitler had his own Christian idea that Jesus was an Arian but the Roman Catholic Church didn't disown him as a heretic. Hitler also had some mystical interest in his version of the Nordic religion [1] and believed that nature had some type of transcendent purpose and creative power. Don't ask if Hitler had rational ideas about religion, he hadn't.)


The writers at Answers in Genesis keep the lulz alive by their peculiar style of comedy. Though unless you have some technical knowledge the lulz may go over your head.

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