Apes are Old World primates who evolved from lower primates, monkeys although apes don't have tails. [1] They belong to the biological superfamily Hominoidea and are mammals. Apes are native to Africa and South-East Asia.

Different species

A female Orang mother with her baby.

There are several species of apes: Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Orangutangs. Gibbons are also apes but are considered "lesser apes" by primatologists, while the others are "great apes".[1]

They like trees.

For the exception of gorillas, apes are tree dwellers, but they do often walk on the ground. The gorilla's diet is completely vegetarian apart from some insects [2], but the Chimps, Gibbons, and Orangutangs are omnivores: they mostly eat fruits, nuts, and leaves, but they also eat insects.

Apes and humans compared


Chimpanzees team up to attack a monkey in the wild - BBC wildlife

Chimps strategically attack monkeys. Part of this video look awful but it shows just how intelligent chimps are.

Apes like to swing about through the branches of trees making sounds like, “Uh! Uh! Uh!” or “Ooo! Ooo!”. Apes spend hours every day picking fleas out of each other’s fur. Apes also do cool intelligent things like making tools. Chimpanzees make tools out of sticks. Then they push the sticks into termite mounds and when they pull the sticks back out they eat any termites that crawl onto the sticks. Chimps think that makes a really cool snack. And scientists have found an Ape-man called Australopithecus robustus that probably did the same.

Every once and a while chimps will hunt and eat their lower primitive tail owners- monkeys. Yes, it's true, apes eat monkeys.

Humans and Apes share a common ancestor. Creationists don’t like to admit it because they don’t like admitting that they and other humans are similar to something that says, “Uh! Uh! Uh!” or “Ooo! Ooo!” and eats flees and termites. It's true none the less.

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Pictures of apes looking a bit like religious fundies