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The State of Arizona is a U.S. state located in the Southwestern United States. The capital of Arizona is Phoenix, which is also the largest city. The second largest city is Tucson, which is similar to Phoenix but higher-elevated.

Arizona was the 48th and last of the "real" states, the other two being Alaska and Hawaii, which most people consider novelty items more than states. It was admitted to the Union in February, 1912. Before 1912, Arizona was just considered the "bad part" of New Mexico. There are pretty much two halves of Arizona:

Southern Arizona is noted for its hell on earth like desert climate, exceptionally HOT summers, and boring winters. It gets so hot down there that you have to wonder how people can actually survive down there, unless they really like the heat and the sun. As for the cities, Tucson is more liberal than Phoenix, but luckily Phoenix seems to be slowly getting its act together. Tucson is more beautiful and its summers are a little less intense than Phoenix's. Besides the heat, the scenery is incredibly boring, except maybe the mountains and national parks.

Northern Arizona is actually much, much better. The terrain there is more diverse, the climate is way more tolerable, winters are pretty, most of the Navajo Nation is there, the Grand Canyon is awesome, and it's home to the best city in the state: Flagstaff. Flagstaff is a college town, so it's more likely to attract smarter and more compassionate people (liberals). Plus, the scenery around Flagstaff is so beautiful, and the city itself is unique and attractive. You also can't go wrong with the national parks in Northern Arizona, especially the Grand Canyon.

Arizona is considered the "consolation prize" state, since most people who end up there really wanted to be in California but realized Arizona was cheaper. It is landlocked so if you were expecting the beach, prepare to be disappointed. In addition to the Grand Canyon, there are a lot of other gaping holes as well, (see John McCain).


The 2006 total gross state product was $232 billion. If Arizona (and each of the other US states) were an independent country along with all existing countries (2005), it would have the 61st largest economy in the world (CIA - The World Factbook). If that's the kind of thing that impresses you, being the 61st of something in a made up, existential fallacy, then Arizona, "The Consolation Prize State", is the perfect place for someone like you. Despite this Arizona's budget deficit is the country's worst, according to The Business Journal of Phoenix.


Arizona is represented in the US Senate by Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly. We're happy to say that they're both Democrats, but unfortunately one of them seems to be more conservative, and that's Kyrsten Sinema.

While there's definitely some pros about her, Sinema seems to be too conservative of a Democrat, as most of her policies and ideas are at odds with the more liberal Democrats. The biggest example being the infrastructure bill in 2021, when she and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin kept arguing with the more liberal Democrats on the good and bad stuff about the bill.

Mark Kelly is fairly new, so there's not much to critique about him, but luckily he seems more liberal than Sinema.

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