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August is the 8th month of the year.

  1. In the Northern Hemisphere August is late summer, the weather is still hot but people know the warmest time of the year will soon end.
  2. In the Southern Hemisphere, August is late winter, it's still cold but people can look forward to the spring.

Celtic festivals

The Celts held a festival which they called, Lugnasadh during late July early August, this was held in honour of One of their gods, god of light, Lúgh. The festival also celebrated the coming harvest, included sporting events and fairs. Christians took over the festival and turned it into the Harvest festival which is today held much later in the year. [1]

The Welsh Eisteddfod, held in August is connected to Lugnasadh. [2]

The Eisteddfod is an older tradition, revived in the 19th Century. It originated as a Medieval gathering of bards and minstrels, attended by people across Wales, who competed for the prized chair at the noble's table. Held during the first week of August, it celebrates Welsh arts and culture. [3]


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