A modern cultivated Banana

The banana is sometimes referred to as "the atheist's worst nightmare," due to its near-perfection at being a fruit designed to be eaten by humans. It is designed but God didn't design it, see below. As such, it is commonly used as an example to support arguments that human intelligent design is a legitimate pursuit, and being a moron is not. Evangelist, Ray Comfort especially has made himself look silly over bananas and intelligent design.


Wild banana

Humans began intelligently designing the banana since the Agricultural Revolution over 6000 years ago. Human cultivators began with the wild banana which is an overly-large, dense, unwieldy fruit. Early humans had to take the inedible seeds out and cook those wild bananas before they could eat them at all.

Humans used their Intelligence to Design the perfect fruit we know and love today. This validated the theory of Intelligent Design, which says that things like skyscrapers and Mount Rushmore had to have intelligent, non-random causes. However, some so-called scientists believe that God created wild bananas to be inedible as they used to be,. Well there's overwhelming evidence that cultivated bananas were in fact intelligently designed by humans instead of stupidly created.

Selective breeding

The banana is very good human food because of many features that were intelligently designed simultaneously through selective breeding techniques, as the intelligent designers guided natural selection through generations by only letting bananas with desirable traits survive into the next generation. Such traits are seen in modern bananas, and include

  • An ergonomic shape that allows for easy gripping and peeling from either end, with unobstructed access to a firm yet easily-chewable gooey center.
  • An aerodynamic shape that allows for throwing at intruders, often used as a sidearm in times of war. Aboriginal Australians, inspired by this design, further intelligently designed it into various types of boomerang.[citation needed]

Ray Comfort - loves the dick banana


Kirk Cameron And Bananas

Warning: this video may kill off some of your brain cells!

Ray Comfort tells us how well bananas are designed and overlooks that humans designed them.

Kirk Cameron listens to his friend Ray with interest, note how Kirk has his one hand by his own crotch during so much of this video. Is the other hand by Kirk's buttock? No!!!

And Kirkie is just so righteously Homophobic at other times? [1]

Sex, Sex, Sex

A clever and funny way to show us how to put a Condom on

A coitonomic shape with natural oils that allow for self-lubrication and easy insertion into several orifices during various sexual activities. Particular attention may have been given during the Intelligent Design process toward those activities involving masturbation and homosexuality or Heterosexuality.

You've never inserted a banana into any orifice? Come off it. Most of us have inserted bananas into our mouths.


Bananas are a good source of potassium. and have electrolytes!

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