Barbara Boxer
Senator Barbara Boxer (2007).jpg
Senator Boxer in 2007
Office: US Senator from California
Political Party: Democratic Party (United States)
Religion Judaism

Barbara Boxer is a former Democratic Senator of California. She was a problem for the Republicans during her career. In 2007, she schooled former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the issue of the War in Iraq. She has also shown major national leadership on climate change. In the 2010 Midterm Elections, she defeated Carly Fiorina by almost a ten point margin of victory, during a year where Republicans made huge gains nearly everywhere else.

Early Life

She was born in New York City and moved to California after getting married and finishing college. She held a number of jobs including stock broker and journalist.

Barbara Boxer is a person of small height, at around 4' 11" she was one of the smallest senators. She stood on a box when speaking at the Senate (referred to as the Boxer Box, gee aren't they clever?!).

Political Career

She was originally a part of the House of Representatives, but was elected to the Senate in 1992. She beat the Republican partly because of her slogan, Barbara Boxer Gives a Damn." Giving a damn for ordinary people who aren't Rich is something that Republicans have a very hard time doing.

She was re-elected in 1998 defeating State Treasurer, Matt Fong and won re-election in 2004 defeating California's Secretary of State, Bill Jones.

Some speculated that Arnold Schwarzenegger who formally was the Governor of California would attempt to defeat Barbara Boxer in 2010 but this turned out to be false. Instead, Carly Fiorina, the woman that ran HP into the ground and sent jobs overseas won the Republican Senate nomination for 2010. Boxer won re-election by an almost 10 point margin. Boxer was not up for election again in 2016.

Views of the Issues

She has supported stem cell research on the grounds that it can save people's lives, something that her Conservative critics hate.

She supports steps to reduce carbon emission to protect against Global warming. She has also fought against drilling in ANWR.

Barbara was also one of the Democratic senators that opposed the Iraq War from the get go. On The Daily Show with John Stewart she called it "the best vote of my life". She also opposed Proposition 8 in California which ended the right for gays to marry.

In her career, she has helped other Democrats when they have run for office.

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