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Ben Shapiro is a conservative commentator and former editor for Breitbart. He is perhaps one of the most famous right-wing commentators in the U.S. He is one of the most pompous, arrogant richsplaining morons around who thinks he's smart simply because he can talk fast. But his IQ is reduced by 100 for his constant crapping on the poor.

Ben Shapiro's mother was a TV executive and his father was a Hollywood composer. He went to private schools with insanely high tuitions. He's been handed everything in his life. He doesn't know what it's like to struggle at all. He wouldn't know struggle if it quite literally slapped him in the face.


Following the "Prime-Example" of many street preachers, Shapiro has spoken at many universities trying to share his radical, far-right agenda by debating with concerned college students that don't have all the media-training he has. At UC-Berkeley, he spoke his ultra-conservative agenda, causing the city to spend over $600,000 on security to try and prevent violence. On Wednesday, January 24, 2018, he made an appearance at the University of Connecticut. According to Washington Examiner, students were offered counseling just at "the thought" of Ben Shapiro, even though there was "restricted access" to the event (Link).

Personal Life & Family

Ben Shapiro (claims to) practice Judaism but his far-right ideology and belief systems make him seem like a Christian Fundamentalist. One of his cousins is 1990s child actress, Mara Wilson (Link). He is married to a Moroccan Jew who is a doctor. He also has a daughter and a son.

Political Views

Net Neutrality

Shapiro was spoken out against net neutrality.


Shapiro is strictly pro-life, and even opposes abortion in cases of incest and rape.

Free Speech

Shapiro is strictly for Free speech. Not as much as some liberals such as Kyle Kulinski though.

Israel-Palestinian conflict

Shapiro supports Israel and opposes Palestine.


Shapiro supports the Second Amendment, oh and he has a baseball bat so don't get near him.

Climate Change

Shapiro believes climate change is real, but he also believes it's largely exaggerated. Shapiro, along with most conservatives, opposes the Green New Deal. During one debate in particular, he insisted that if sea levels rose as a direct result of climate change, people should just "sell their houses and move away." This, of course, does not account for the fact that not many people would be interested in buying flooded houses. It also ignores:

  • Rising sea levels, displacing millions and destroying important infrastructure
  • Arid, desertified farmlands, causing losses in meat production and agriculture
  • Droughts
    • Losses in money
    • Losses in agriculture, crop damage
    • Losses in meat production
    • Lower water levels in lakes and reservoirs, e.g. California
    • Saltwater intrusion
    • Damage to ecosystems
    • Land subsidence
    • Reduced soil moisture and groundwater
    • Decreased air quality, sanitation, hygiene, food, and nutrition
    • More disease carried by mosquitoes breeding in stagnant water that a nation cannot address because all its hospitals were flooded
    • general water shortage
  • Dependency on foreign imports from other countries as a result of the previously-mentioned arid farmlands and droughts
    • Causing economic strain
    • Limiting resources such as meat supply, agriculture, et cetera
    • Making an economy more vulnerable to collapse due to its dependency on the economy of other nations
    • Rising prices
    • More money spent to make up for these things
  • Stronger, more frequent hurricanes
  • More wildfires
    • Increased air pollution
    • Decreased regional air quality
    • Eye, lung, and throat irritation as a result of smoke
    • Reduced lung function, heart rate variability, bronchitis, exacerbation of asthma/breathing problems, heart failure, and premature death as a result of smoke
    • Excess deaths, hospitalisations, ED, urgent care, and physician office visits
    • Burnt forests
    • Burnt villages and homes, displacing thousands of people, e.g. Lytton Creek Fire
    • Increased droughts
    • More displacement (of both animals and humans) yay x1
    • More unemployment yay x2
    • More housing crises yay x3
  • More extreme weather everywhere all the time
  • Extinction of some plants and animals due to drowning
  • And an increase in speed by which all of the previously-mentioned things occur

Single-Payer Healthcare

"Bernie Sanders Pie in the Sky"

Military Spending

Shapiro believes that the US should keep spending more on the military, but cut social security.

Debate strategy

He makes 10 points in like 2 minutes, so if you somehow refuted 9 of them, one still stands and he can claim victory. 

Second, the using of faulty logic combined with misguiding statistics. For example, Ben Shapiro said that there are more guns in the US than ever, and there is less gun violence, therefore more guns mean less gun violence. What he did not mention, however, was that according to the General Social Survey, ownership of guns has dropped to its lowest point in 2014. While there are more guns circulating around, fewer people have them. However, without instantly obtaining that information, an average person won't be able debate Shapiro's point.

The third reason is his use of straw man and ad hominem. Shapiro would often attack the character of who he was debating, to avoid talking about policy. His use of straw man makes it easier to attack the opponent's argument. So for example if you're against gun control because you want to protect 2nd amendment rights, a straw man would be saying that you're against gun control because you want to see murdered kids.

- Copied from a comment from below.

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