Bias is political or other prejudice mainly used by those you personally disagree with and seedy media. It is also used commonly in propaganda and other means of getting people to do what you want.

Bias is someone's or something's inclination towards a specific object or point of view. Being biased towards a specific side of debate often gets in way of objectively assessing the issues at hand.

For example, parts of the mainstream media, especially Fox News, tends to have a Conservative bias, giving more attention to Conservatives and their views than to Liberals or anyone else.

Most conservative Republicans view everything that isn't far right as biased, just as some liberals view anything that isn't far left as biased.

If a person's thinking is biased, they're being subjective.

Bias on Liberapedia

Liberapedia, first of all, is a resource for information on Liberal views and beliefs; and quite a lot of information is also added by liberals, so quite often the articles are liberally biased or subjective. Sometimes this bias is intentional -- as a means to parody the pretended objectivity of Conservapedia, Fox News ("Fair and Balanced", anyone?) and other Conservative media. Quite a lot of Liberapedia is written as if Liberals have no, or few, faults -- we know that's not true, but we also know there are plenty of Conservative publications that spread dirt about Liberals -- and we don't want to add to the deluge. [1]

(As an ending note: try to do your own research when checking biased resources to get objective information.)

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  1. And just as Conservatives spread dirt on liberals, we do the same in return.