A Bible Thumper is a derogatory (but correct) term for a person who nonsensically tells everybody around them they are going to Hell by citing Bible verses, usually by slapping (thumping) their hands on the Bible (hence the term). Most Bible Thumpers are street preachers who go out to "Liberal" events such as LGBT parades or even Comic-Con. You can also find them all around Las Vegas.


Usually, a Bible Thumper will have or wear the following:

  • Picket signs or posters
  • Backpacks
  • A Bible
  • Suspenders (thou shall not wear a belt?)
  • People or cops around him or her just in case hecklers try to intervene

Where You Can Find Them

Usually, Bible Thumpers are pastors/preachers or regularly attend church and are associated with the Christian Fundamentalists. You can find them on the sidewalks and streets of downtown "Liberal" cities that are large in population. Some of them go onto public college campuses and spread hate there. As mentioned above, they are mostly present after a huge Democratic Party victory or during an LGBT pride parade. Not all street preachers and Republicans are Bible Thumpers, there are even a few atheist Republicans. Just the ones who are extremely aggressive and childishly tell people (even believers) they are going to Hell.

Examples of Bible Thumpers

What they Despise

They despise pretty much everything Republicans hate. They also hate Rock Music, masturbation and women having important roles in society.