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William Maher
Bill Maher.jpg
Mr. Maher
Political Ideology: Liberal
Education: Cornell University
Religion None
Born January 20, 1956

William "Bill" Maher is the host of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. He is very funny but not very liberal, he opposes free college education. [1] . (He says he's a libertarian but doesn't seem to be one. [2]) This celebrity atheist holds the record for having the most Emmy nominations in history (23 in total) and not win any of them (something which he claims is like a badge of honor).[1]

Maher was born in New York City, and spent his childhood in New Jersey but now lives in Los Angeles. He is known for his ability to use reason and logic to make Conservative Christians look like jackasses on live television. Well they are jackasses on or off television. He is particularly fond of pointing out the pedophilic nature of the Roman Catholic clergy. He also exchanged barbs with Ann Coulter, someone he describes as a best friend-slash-clubbing buddy.[3]

Maher also favors legalizing Same-sex marriage, Prostitution, and ending the War on Drugs. He is a board member of PETA.



Bill Maher - The mass delusion

Bill Maher-Atheists and freethinkers should love this video.

Bill Maher is in favor of Obamacare but thinks that getting plenty of exercise and eating healthy food is an important way to improve health. Bill Maher opposed Vaccination though Science shows vaccines work. [4] [5] Even intelligent people sometomes get silly ideas.

Computer geeks


Bill Maher - Bitchslapping Republicans

Bill Maher- bitch slapping Republicans

So if you like to spend time in front of your computer, remember to get up from time to time and walk round the block. A better idea is to do something you'll enjoy doing like taking a walk in your local park. If you like swimming there's always your local pool. There's this vitally important stuff that you need to sort out on the Web? You will sort it better after a break. Remember also from time to time get into your kitchen and cook yourself something with fresh vegetables or frozen veg. If you're fit and healthy what you do online will be better and people you know online will respect you more.


Maher said that Donald Trump is Is Largely A Result Of A Backlash To Political Correctness"[6]. Maher likes Bernie Sanders & thinks he could be president.[7] Growing up, Maher's parents supported President John F. Kennedy. In a segment, Maher compared Kennedy and Reagan, saying Kennedy was at least cooler than Reagan.


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