Biology is about life and what it's like to be alive, it is known as the natural science. Biology is a very vast


subject with many subdivisions, topics, and disciplines. Living organisms are composed of matter and the laws of Chemistry and Physics that determine the behaviour of non-living matter also determine the behaviour of living organisms.

Biology deals with plants and animals though it is unclear whether fungi are plants or animals, most ordinary people call fungi plants but scientists say they are closer to animals. For a more detailed article please go to Smart biology, if you prefer a simpler introduction please carry on reading this article.


Biology includes areas that religious fundamentalists detest such as Evolution, or, indeed, evidence, fact and logic.

All life is related

All life on Earth is related and evolved from a common ancestor, this shows because the chemicals DNA and related chemicals like RNA underlie all life.


Life requires energy.

  1. Some living organisms get energy directly from non-living sources, the most common living things of that type are plants that get energy from sunlight through photosynthesis.
  2. Other living organisms get energy from eating other living organisms or the dead remains of once living organisms (absorbing nutrients from living or once living organisms). Animals and fungi get energy this way.


Most living organisms are made up of cells, cells that form higher plants and animals have a nucleus with DNA surrounded by cytoplasm. The contents of the cell are protected by a cell wall. [1] [2]

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