Bob Jones University is a fundamentalist university in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, "serving" approximately 2,800 students.


Like Pensacola Christian College, many rules are enforced across Bob Jones University.


  • Chapel is to be attended Monday thru Thursday
  • Students are assigned seats to ensure attendance
  • Use of electronics (other than digital Bibles) are not allowed
  • Students are required to join a fundamentalist church in the Greenville area (must be pre-approved) and attend ALL Sunday functions as well as Wednesday functions.
  • Discipleship group meetings are at 10:30 PM ET on Sunday, Monday and Thursday, and all students are required to attend.



  • An E-pass card is required for students in order to promote purity, safety, and to keep in-line with their Orwellian-ideologies.
  • A mixed group in the home of a student (in Greenville) requires a chaperone.
  • A non-mixed group in the home of a student (in Greenville) also requires a chaperone.
  • Students may not attend any restaurant that includes a bar.
  • Students may not attend any mall or store that has adult items. How do students know if there are adult items before they go in?

Jobs Off-Campus

  • Students must return from work by 10:25 PM ET Sunday thru Thursday
    • 12:00 Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Bob Jones University has the right to restrict one's work based on beliefs

Music, Television and Entertainment

  • The following types of music are NOT allowed on or off-campus:
    • Rock
    • Pop
    • Jazz
    • Hip-Hop
  • Movies rated PG-13, R, X, NC-17 or Unrated are not allowed on or off-campus
  • Students are only allowed to watch television shows on and off-campus up to the TV-PG rating
  • Students are only allowed to play video games up to the E10 rating.
    • In addition, games including violence, profanity or rock music are also prohibited
  • Internet service is filtered
  • Magazines such as Yahoo and ESPN are prohibited because they are deemed "ungodly"

Dress Code (Women)

  • Skirts and dresses are to come to the knee at all times
  • Sleeveless tops are only allowed under a jacket
  • Shorts can be worn in the residence halls, but not off-campus or at work
  • Abercrombie & Fitch as well as Hollister are not allowed on campus
  • The following is to be worn for formal events:
    • Dressy blouse or dress

Dress Code (Men)

  • The following is to be worn for class time on weekdays until 5:00 PM:
    • Collared shirt
    • Dress Pants or dockers w/belt loop
    • Belt or suspenders

Required Events

The following are events that students are forced to attend:

  • Opening events plus evangelic meetings
  • Open-week seminars
  • Chapel (as mentioned above)
  • Society induction plus weekly meetings (any students under 23 years of age is required to join a society)
  • 11:00 AM programs on Fridays
  • ALL Bible Conferences
    • Until spring 2016, students were required to attend a Bible Conference lasting almost one week instead of a spring break.
    • Spring break now exists, but the Bible Conference is still held on an earlier date.
  • Concert and opera performances
  • Graduation
    • ALL Graduation activities (this includes undergraduate attendance)
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Curfew is at Midnight

Any students who shows up 20 minutes after the event has started is considered absent



A demerit system is put into place at Bob Jones University.

Offense Demerits
Leaving residence hall late or late to required event 5-10
Facial hair infraction 5-25
Dress code infraction or Curfew Infraction 10-25

(Warning with 0 Demerits the first time)

Chapel Absence (Unexcused) 25 (for a third offense)

(The first two infractions will result in warnings)

Off-campus misbehavior or infraction 25

Level 2

Offense Course of Action
Absence from Bible Conference or Evangelical event Conduct Warning
Destruction of Property
Forbidden Music or entertainment
Fighting Ineligibility (Expulsion) or Probation
Attendance at a restaurant with bar or movie theatre
Smoking Probation
Overnight stay off-campus (unapproved) Probation or Suspension
Disorderly Conduct Suspension

Weekly Schedule

To illustrate how busy a Bob Jones University student is, we have provided a schedule spreadsheet detailing the weekly events students are forced to take part in.

Time Event
11:00 AM Chapel
9:00 PM Missions Advance
10:30 PM Group Meeting
11:00 AM Chapel
9:45 PM Society Prayer Worship
11:00 AM Chapel
5:00 PM Recitals (every-other week)
11:00 AM Chapel
9:00 PM Missions Advance
10:30 PM Group Meeting
11:00 AM Society Meetings
5:00 PM Fine Dining Series (every-other week)
7:00 PM Recitals (most weeks)
1:00 PM Recitals (every-other week)
2:00 PM Concert/Opera/Drama Series (2x/Semester)
5:00 or 7:00 PM Recitals
All Day Required Church Activities
10:30 PM Group Meeting

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