So that's what's been hiding under my bed!

The Bogeyman scares children. It’s not clear what he looks like but he is scary. He will get you if you suck your thumb or do anything naughty. He may be tall, nasty and hairy and a bit like an ape. He hides under beds and in wardrobes and gets little children when they are asleep. Sometimes he scratches on windows in a scary way. There may be horrible pirates called bogeymen. There can even be a Bogeywoman.

Real bogeymen

This part of the article is serious.

The real Bogeymen and bogeywomen are the grown ups who frighten little children with stories about a bogeyman who hides under the bed and will get them when they are asleep. Then the children are too scared to get to sleep or they have nightmares when they do manage to get to sleep.

Worse yet, are the Real bogeymen who torment adults, giving fuel to the fire that gets trickled down to children. They are the men and women that expand and twist the facts about Abortion, Health care, and gay marriage, in order to further their own agendas.

Conservative usage

Conservatives tell children that the Liberal bogeymen will get them if they do not accept conservative twisted theories on abortion, health care, gay marriage and other issues. (Or they're told the Devil will get them if they don't accept Conservative Christian teachings.) Children are often indoctrinated into the vortex of lies. Then although they realize that the bogeymen does not exist they are still indoctrinated with twisted Conservative theories. They all think it's George Soros for irrational reasons.

They often do not find out that the real bogeymen are their parents.

Ordinary usage

Bogeyman can mean anything that a silly person is frightened of for no good reason.

One of his [someone called Perry Marshall] boogeymen is chance, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people hate the idea of chance. Uncle Fred got hit by lightning? He must have done something very bad. It can’t just have been an accident. There are no accidents! [1]

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