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Bruce Lee was a Chinese martial arts megastar in the 20th Century. This term is used to reference people who are doing karate, for example, "Johnny is so good at karate he is the next Bruce Lee"

Ultimately no one expects to actually be a "Bruce Lee" but its an expression.

Bruce Lee made only a few movies and scored with a lot of women cause he was a man with a lot of money and had a lot of muscles.

He was also able to kick Chuck Norris's ass.[1]

Bruce Lee was an Atheist [1], although he was rather spiritual he did not believe in a God. HE was influenced by Taoism and a host of other philosophies. Conservapedia doesn't like this because Bruce Lee is an example of a healthy, fit, Atheist who defies Conservapedia's definition of Atheists as evil monsters existing only to destroy. He also defies them as an example of a strong, powerful Asian person.

Lee Vs Norris

Chuck Norris, a Conservative super hero, fought against Bruce Lee. Lee kicked his ass, because Bruce Lee was overall far quicker and stronger the Norris.


Bruce Lee v. Chuck Norris - Way of the Dragon

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