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Bryan Fischer is a crazy, Evangelical Christian Fundamentalist from Oklahoma who was the head of the American Family Association (also see Focus on the Family). He hates everything Moderates and Liberals want, or what is already here, such as Abortion, Universal Health Care and same-sex marriage. He probably jacks off to watch Pro-Trump YouTube videos in his spare time. Did we mention his organization (AFA; see above) also hates minorities, believes that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian[1] and the Holocaust was caused by homosexuals.


Many Moderates and Liberals, especially Kyle Kulinski, criticize Fischer for his hatred toward LGBT people and minority races. In 2015, Secular Talk uploaded a video entitled Bryan Fischer: immigrants Must Convert to Christianity. In this video, he spouts off nearly-identical views on immigrants as Ann Coulter. In fact, at least 85 videos Kulinski has uploaded toward him [2].

The Southern Poverty Law Center lists him and the AFA as a "hate group" for obvious reasons. According to their page on Fischer, he quoted in 2006 "that the average homosexual has 300-1,000 sexual relationships throughout their lifetime, and that risks of sexual abuse are greater than in heterosexual relationships". In 2009, he wanted to ban Muslims from serving in the US military. He has supported Donald Trump's view on Islamic Immigration in the US ever since 2010 [3]. According to one video he prefers Sharia law to what we or the Scandinavian countries have now.

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