The Website is very much comedy, but it's loved hated by Hunter Avallone, a poor conservative that makes bullshit about this amazing website.

BuzzFeed is an American Website known for its very original quizzes and funny YouTube videos that always appear on the trending tab, mainly because they're hilarious (not in a George W. Bush way, but it a good way).


BuzzFeed was founded in New York City in 2006, where America was still ruled by a evil republican. It was started to make funny, hilarious and good content, which Conservatives despise because it's not like The World's Strictest Parents, Fox News or Duck Dynasty.

Political Views

BuzzFeed leans heavily to the left on just about everything. It created a great minority in America: SJWs.

Buzzfeed thinks...

Here we're parodying Conservapedia, and we know we're exaggerating.