Cable News Network
CNN Logo
Created: 1980
Nation: USA
Language English
Slogan "The Most Trusted Name in News"

CNN or Cable News Network, is an English speaking news network. It was the first 24 hour news coverage. It is now second only to Britain's BBC News in the number of employed news journalists and worldwide news bureaus. In America it is seen as more neutral than the evil pushing Faux News or the liberal MSNBC. It is often seen as the middle ground and it gives both 'perspectives' a chance. It has been accused of a liberal bias, mainly because it has given conservatism and liberalism a chance and in the end liberalism won on the unbiased news network, but more right-wing favoritism have been on there, though.


Many, Liberal and conservative alike, believes that CNN has a natural bias on its Cable. Conservatives believe that CNN is biased against them, many progressives believe that its biased towards the status quo and the establishment. People who supported congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez criticized CNN and other major outlets for giving little coverage to the new rising candidate, until her victory against a campaign with 10 times the money shook the nation. CNN also backed many wars at the time it was launched, which many were disgusted with.

Recent developments have caused CNN to attempt to appear more neutral, however progressives such as Kyle Kulinski called CNN out for having the neutrality bias. Neutrality bias is when there is such a extensive attempt to appear neutral that they can't even identify what is right or wrong.


The Cable News Network was launched at 5:00 p.m. EST on Sunday June 1, 1980. After an introduction by Ted Turner. Since then CNN has greatly expanded and now ranks 2nd worldwide which Fox News hates. Only the vastly older BBC ranks higher than CNN worldwide. Also they were the first news network to report the 9/11 attacks.


Today CNN remains one of the world's most popular stations. American Conservatives have claimed that they have an anti-American bias (interestingly, CNN is American). This is because they portray everyone around the world, even neocons, as ultimately human. Conservatives continue to claim that Muslims are not people but CNN has refused to bow to them. They received tons of ridicule on YouTube after the Icecreamgate scandal of May 2017.