Liberapedia gives the opinions of American Liberals, American Social democrats, American Democratic Socialists and others, also importantly of left leaning people worldwide, many of our editors are European. Liberapedia aims to entertain as well as educate. Some of the articles are serious. Other articles are satirical and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Yet more articles mix truth with satire. We hope users will like to contribute to Liberapedia and will enjoy reading articles.

Liberapedia is always trying to grow bigger. If you want to add to it, feel free, you can make the articles ridiculously liberal, that’s funny. You can also write serious stuff from a liberal point of view, we don’t aim for a neutral point of view, if you want anything neutral you should just go to Wikipedia.

Our aim is to create a wiki that is both relatively factual and sometimes funny as well. It is important to remember that Liberapedia is not just another joke wiki like Uncyclopedia or Conservapedia.

Conservapedia doesn't want to be funny but it succeeds without even trying.

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