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A cdesign proponent is someone who tries to destroy science by implementing Intelligent Design Theory in the modern scientific understanding of the world. Of course, no one really takes them seriously. At least nobody would if it weren't for the Republican party who want it taught at public schools instead of evolution, mainly because they are much more closely related to apes than the rest of mankind and won't admit it. According to the cproponentsists, the world was created by some Bible-author known as God, who also de facto-founded the Conservaitism and likes people who send soldiers to the Middle East in order to destroy strengthen Islam.

Actually, the only progress the cdesignism movement has made during the last half millennium is acknowledging that the Sun doesn't circle the Earth, though we imagine many of them still believe it.

Origin of the term

This part of the article is serious.

The term "cdesign proponent" first appeared in the book Of Pandas and People. In the early revisions, the book used the terms "creationism" and "creationist" heavily, but, as a result of the concept of creationism being discredited, the authors rewrote the book to use "intellectual design" and "design proponents" instead, using a great Conservative tactic known as "Find and Replace...". Yet in a certain fragment, the phrase didn't get replaced correctly, and "creationists" got changed to "cdesign proponentsists".

Scientific accuracy

Cdesignism is claimed by the cproponentsists to be more accurate scientifically than evolution. Cdesignism doesn't even manage to surpass astrology in terms of scientific accuracy, so you can't really support it without rejecting a large part of science. But the proponents have a unique talent for ignoring this and rejecting 400 years of systematic research using the scientific method.

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