"The Catholic church has created a hierarchy of sexual morality with celibacy at the pinnacle. But that can create distortions. Sipe's studies suggest around 70% of priests display psychosexual immaturity. Celibacy, he argues, is not something most people can achieve. When legitimate sexual outlets are forbidden, some turn to illegitimate ones. "The majority of clergy are unable to deal with sexual deprivation in healthy ways," he argues. Around 6% of priests will have sex with minors. [1]"- {{{2}}}

Celibacy means not enjoying any type of sex at all, for those who want to be truly celibate even Masturbation is forbidden. Wet dreams are allowed since people can’t control their feelings when they are sleeping. For a few people with naturally low sex drives celibacy is acceptable but for most who attempt celibacy this just causes frustration and bad temper. When a person is struggling to control all sexual feelings, even sexual feelings for adults who like him/her then the sex drive can break out uncontrollably in what's very much the wrong situation. The person trying to be celibate can lose control, for example with a partner who is underage.

Religion and celibacy

Some sects and religions notably the Roman Catholic Church and Buddhism teach that celibacy has spiritual benefits. There are very many bad tempered Roman Catholic priests, monks and nuns who can’t handle their frustration, these sad celibates just make themselves and those round them miserable. Buddhist Monks who can’t handle celibacy easily can leave the monastic life and Marry so the problem is more manageable there.

The future of the Roman Catholic Church

In most western countries there is a desperate shortage of priests, largely because young men don't want a lifetime of celibacy and Excessive obedience. Very many lay Roman Catholics in the UK believe the requirement for celibacy should end. [2]

German priest, Stefan Hartmann asked Pope Francis to release him from the vow of celibacy because, “there is a human right to partnership, marriage and starting a family”. Hartmann wrote, “I have known for some years now that the oath I took after just two and a half years of seminary training was too rushed, and did not reflect the constitution of my character." He wants to continue as a priest and also marry so his daughter can be integrated into a family. Stefan Hartmann points out allowing priests to marry would increase the number of young men willing to become priests. [3][4]

A Facebook group of Italian Women in relationships with priests wrote to Pope Francis, stating they are only "a small sample" among many "living in silence", they wrote further. "We love these men, they love us, and in most cases, despite all efforts to renounce it, one cannot manage to give up such a solid and beautiful bond. We humbly place our suffering at your feet in the hope that something may change, not just for us, but for the good of the entire Church."[5]


The Roman Catholic Church faces 4 possible choices:

  1. Married priests
  2. Women priests [6]
  3. Foreign priests in traditional white nations
  4. The shortage of priests getting steadily more acute

It's unclear what will happen.

Foreign priests

African seminaries are overflowing with young men who can't easily get further education any other way. So Europe, North America and other western countries could increasingly need to import priests from Africa and perhaps Asia. Conservatives in the Church hierarchy won't like this but it will happen gradually over the years, there won't be a specific decision when traditionalists can make a stand. Conservatives will make a stand against any possibility of married priests or women priests.

Roman Catholic priests have been known to father Babies. [7] Well it looks like we’ll see white Roman Catholic mothers giving birth to mixed race babies and the most likely father will be some local Roman Catholic priest. There shouldn’t be any inherent problem with mixed race babies but that’s bound to stir up Racism. Mixed race children growing up in predominantly white areas can face problems as can other non-whites in white areas. The parentage of such a child won't help the child get acceptance.

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