Charlie Sheen
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Mr. Sheen
Political Party: Republican
Occupation: Actor, Insane 9/11 truther
Born September 3, 1965

Warning: consumption of the drug "Charlie Sheen" may result in weight loss, rampant spewing of nonsensical quips, and the urge to say winning (a lot). [1]

Charlie Sheen is possibly the most crazy person in America after Bill O'Reilly. Sheen is HIV positive, [2] we don't know abut his partners. Sheen pleaded guilty to domestic abuse [3] and has multiple convictions for domestic abuse and drug related misconduct. [4] [5] [6] He's been in hospital after a Cocaine overdose [7] which goes to show all types, republicans and Liberals can get into trouble over illegal drugs.


Sheen is a Republican, he was considering running for President with his pop as Vice President. Later Sheen settled for trying to be Donald Trump's running mate. [8]

Sheen wants to see a Flat tax though a flat tax harms Poor people and makes it harder for governments to raise Money for important services like Health care and Education. Charlie Sheen also wants everybody to relax. [9] Well how do people relax when they can't get the medical care or education they and their families need?

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