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Chester Alan Arthur was the 21st President of the United States and a Republican, but this was a time when Republican basically meant liberal. He isn't very well known, although he did end the spoils system, so government officials couldn't hand jobs to friends. He took over as president after James Garfield was shot. Ironically Arthur was made vice president to satisfy the people who supported the spoils system, which Chester A. Arthur supported before becoming president.

He also once helped a black woman who filed a lawsuit due to segregation on trolley busses. [1]

Pros & Cons


  • At the time was considered a pretty decent President overall, despite his shady past
  • Took on corruption in politics (ironically)
  • Signed the Pendleton Civil Service Act
  • Vetoed the Rivers and Harbors Act
  • Improved relationships with Native Americans
  • Served the Union during the Civil War
  • Defended fugitive slaves as a lawyer


  • One of our most corrupt politicians to ever become President
  • Made close friends with several crime bosses
  • Basically bought the Vice Presidency
  • Many of his intended reforms ultimately failed
  • Signed the Immigration Act of 1882
  • Signed the Chinese Exclusion Act


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