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Children well we need them, the future of humanity depends on children being born. But we don’t need too many children and we don’t need overpopulation

Conservatives and children

An example of Conservatives indoctrinating children. Avoid these.
There is a more liberal perspective.

Conservatives think far too many children is a good thing. This is why they do not support Abortion, Gay marriage, etc. (Then Conservatives oppose Universal Health Care so too many Poor children and adults die from preventable causes. Sometimes it's hard to wark out what Conservatives really want.)

Supporting gay marriage will help prevent the destruction of the world by overpopulation. Conservatives! They can't really want to destroy the world. Can they? They behave as if they do (i.e. Global Warming, War in Iraq, Economic Recession, etc.) The younger generation are on the whole more progressive and less conservative than older people. Good, progressive children will grow up into good progressive adults who can stop the conservatives doing evil.

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