'Children's rights has long been squandered and denied by conservatives

Since the drafting of the UNCRC, conservatives has again and again refused to ratify it because Article 14 forbid them to indoctrinate their children.

With the US Supreme Court's ruling on Ingraham v. Wright, schools were allowed to spank children even if the child suffers hematoma. Reason? The 8th Amendment did not apply to kids.

Liberals have luckily got a victory in Tinker v. Des Moines during the Vietnam War. Conservatives wept in front of the Supreme Court [citation needed] after knowing that their brainwashed children can be reeducated by other freethinking children at school just by wearing armbands. 

But parents are still allowed to brainwash their kids, so the 'land of the free' measure only applies to those over 18 since conservatives often forget it. Kids here have less rights than other foreign kids.