Chimpanzees are the closest living relatives to Humans. They are Apes. They share 98% of our DNA and have the largest ratio of brain size to body size in the Animal Kingdom after the human. Many in captivity have been taught to paint, talk in sign language and solve problems.

Conservation in the Wild

Chimpanzees overall are in decline and some subspecies are Endangered. Efforts are made by Liberals around the World to save the chimpanzee in the wild. Wild chimpanzees and wild Humans live in similar habitats.


Chimps like trees.

Chimpanzee behavior is very similar to that of humans. To most animals, the difference between human and chimpanzee is the same as the difference we see between a Leopard and a Lion.

Intelligence of Chimps

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In 1951, in one of the most wickedly hilarious practical Jokes of all time gone horribly wrong, a particularly intelligent Chimpanzee named Bonzo convinced an unsuspecting actor to embrace neo-conservatism and turned him loose on human society.

Chimpanzees are very intelligent animals. Recent studies have shown that their IQs are, on average, 15 points above the average Conservative. This is probably because chimpanzees are liberal in nature.

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