This article attacks Conservative Christians though we recognise that Liberal Christians can be better.

Christian fundamentalism is the insanity that believes what Bronze Age herders, Iron Age farmers, and people in the Roman Empire wrote thousands of years ago in the Bible and ignores what sensible scientists write today.

Origin of Christian fundamentalism

In the late 18th Century and 19th Century, scholars applied textual criticism to the Bible and found that not all the Bible was written by the supposed authors. Some Christians decided that the Bible wasn’t all literally true and inerrant, those became Liberal Christians while others couldn’t face the idea that the Bible isn’t all literally true and they became the Christian fundamentalists. Roman Catholics from Augustine in the 4th Century onwards have accepted that parts of the Bible are allegorical while at the same time accepting that all parts of the Bible are literal. Does that make sense?

American Christian fundy beliefs include

  1. Biblical inerrancy
  2. The divinity of Jesus
  3. The Virgin Birth
  4. The belief that Jesus died to redeem humankind
  5. An expectation of the Second Coming, or physical return, of Jesus Christ to initiate his thousand-year rule of the Earth, which came to be known as the Millennium. [1]
  6. That the Earth is only 6,000-7,000 years old.

Do you want to believe that lie?

The Bible according to King James

Some of the sillier Christian fundamentalists even believe that the version of the Bible that King James authorized in 1611 is the only true version. That type of fundy is mostly in the United States. Sensible people who understand History realize that older versions of the Bible that archaeologists have found are closer to the original texts. It's obvious, isn't it? Sensible people also realize that modern translations of the Bible taking account of archaeological finds are likely to be more reliable than the King James version.

Anyway, The Skeptics Annotated Bible uses King James which makes that type of crazy fundy easier to defeat.

Political views

American Christian fundamentalists are Conservative Republicans who base their politics on their interpretation of the Bible and that's called the Religious Right. Liberal Christians pay attention to different parts of the Bible. Many fundamentalists oppose abortion so strongly they base the way they vote on whether a candidate is Pro-Choice or Pro-Life but the same people tend to oppose Universal Health Care that helps keep born babies alive. They pay a great deal of attention to a few passages in Deuteronomy that oppose Homosexuality but ignore other Old Testament rules like the rule that you shouldn’t plant wheat and barley in the same furrow or eat Pork or wear clothes of mixed fabrics.

Liberal Christians claim point out that Fundamentalists lack Christian compassion and Christian Love.

Christianity and pornography

Those Americans who can't or won't take the Christian values where they live secretly subscribe to porn.

The level of agreement in a state with the statement that “Even today miracles are performed by the power of God” predicted higher pornography consumption. States claiming to have old-fashioned values about family and marriage purchased substantially more adult-content subscriptions. [1]

Husbands read porn rather than learn how to please their wives and perhaps wives may take a peek at porn as well because their husbands aren't pleasing them.

Christian fundamentalist education

When they can Christian fundamentalist Schools teach Creationism instead of Evolution and teach a wide range of Science subjects from a Christian fundamentalist, Biblical viewpoint. The children at these schools don't get the type of education that will prepare them properly for life outside. [2]

Other Fundamentalist Christian families Homeschool their children which also doesn't prepare them for life outside their own community. They also homeschool their kids to keep them from the outdoor reality and so the children will not be able to contact the authorities when the parents physically abuse them (see Michael Pearl).

Fundy loons

Fundy loon is a contraction of the expression "fundamentalist lunatic." A "fundy loon" is someone who is considered by rationalists to be absolutely totally stark raving mad by virtue of their primitive beliefs.

These unfortunate people have often been so indoctrinated since childhood that no amount of logic or facts can relieve them of their affliction.

Favorite Words and Phrases of a Fundie

The following are words and phrases that Fundies love to say in church or around their friends in order to attack Liberalism and Secularism:

  • Fornicate
  • Fag (or Faggot)
  • Sodomite
  • Beat (into submission)
  • "I'm sending my kid to Bob Jones University in the fall!"
  • Praise Westboro Baptist Church "Kill all the fags in a firing squad!" (Refers to Pastor Roger Jimenez after the Orlando Shooting)
  • Abomination (referring to Homosexuality or missing a Fine Arts Experience event while at PCC)
  • "God intervened in the election to make sure Trump won!" (refers to Sarah Palin)
  • "Murica is a Christian Nation. The Treaty of Tripoli is communist propaganda written by Obama."
  • "John 3:16 doesn't apply to us."
  • "Anybody who misses a Concert & Opera Series event at BJU is a fornicator!"
  • Hell (they believe everybody except for themselves and Westboro Baptist Church will go there).
  • "Praise Fox News!"
  • "White Power! White Power!"
  • "I'm happy 49 sodomites died in the shooting!"

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