Christine Therese O'Donnell
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Christine O'Donnell
Political Party: Republican
Education: Fairleigh Dickinson University
Religion Roman Catholicism
Born August 27, 1969

Christine Therese O'Donnell is a Tea Party-Republican and the party's 2010 nominee for the United States Senate seat in Delaware formerly represented by Joe Biden.

She is a Social Conservative and is best known for her unsuccessful 1996 campaign against masturbation. She was the Republican nominee for the Senate seat previously in 2008 against Biden, but she lost by a huge margin and ran extremely deep in campaign debt.

Anti masturbation campagin

Senate Run

Christine O'Donnell with two of her supporters during her failed 2010 U.S. Senate campaign.

In her 2010 campaign she has been accused of living off campaign funds, and being too Conservative to win the general election. She won the 2010 nomination by defeating Mike Castle, the state's former Governor & a Moderate Republican, Castle was polling as a likely contender to win the general election but they choose O'Donnell instead. Real smart move there... O'Donnell is endorsed by Sarah Palin and is likely her clone since they pretty much seem to share a brain. O'Donnell was defeated by Democrat , Chris Coons.

Parody sign for O'Donnell's failed campaign.


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O'Donnell telling that you shouldn't use your God given parts lustfully outside marriage.