Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens who died in 2011 was a British-American author, lecturer, Atheist, and contributor to the well-known liberal magazine, "The Nation".


He was originally a very Liberal Ssocialist, starting in the 1960s when everyone was and remained a liberal in general. He was well known for irritating Religious People, who dislike his use of Logic and Science in his arguments. It's understandable. He was waterboarded once, because he wanted to prove it wasn't Torture. Afterwards he said it was torture. Interesting note: Bush and Cheney ordered torture. Whatever you think of Hitchens and of waterboarding enduring that voluntarily took courage. [1]

He didn't like that other guy who ruined the country, and once wrote an article "The Stupidity of Ronald Reagan".[2]

He was opposed to the Death penalty and once attended an execution, in Mississippi in 1987.[3] He criticized the killing of Timothy McVeigh[4] and argued against the killing of Saddam Hussein.[5] Governments are, after all, supposed to be better than criminals. He became an American citizen as of 2007. He voted for President Obama[citation needed] and also for John Kerry in the 2004 election.


Sadly Christiopher Hitchens developed cancer.
He faced the ordeal with courage before having passed away.

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